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The New Risk Standard

Discover ARIA's Ratings System - a new way to evaluate a cryptocurrency's risk in seconds. ARIA Ratings relies on a proprietary algorithm that incorporates over 35 metrics for a truly comprehensive and global evaluation of each cryptocurrency's risk.


Are you still relying on Market Capitalization?

Key Metrics Breakdown

ARIA Ratings utilizes a comprehensive set of metrics to provide users with a global evaluation of each crypto's fundamentals in seconds. These metrics include factors such as market performance, tokenomics, governance, and adoption. Through these metrics, ARIA Ratings ensures users make informed decisions about their cryptocurrency investments.

Transparent Ratings Process

At ARIA Ratings, we believe in transparency. Our ratings process was designed to be open and accessible, allowing users to see exactly how each cryptocurrency is evaluated. We provide detailed information on the criteria and metrics used, ensuring that our ratings are fair, unbiased and systematic, eliminating any human intervention in the ratings process itself. With ARIA Ratings, you can trust that you're getting an accurate and fair assessment of the cryptocurrency market.

Expert Analysis and Insights

ARIA Ratings is based on a methodology that was systemised to eliminate the risk of human intervention and error in the ratings process to ensure each crypto is evluated in a fair and standardised manner. Our team of cryptocurrency experts have carefully designed ARIA's proprietary Ratings algorithm to scale to all cryptocurrencies that reach 500 million dollars of market capitalization. The team has ensured that various factors including tech and industry developments as well as market trends are taken into account in the evaluation. With ARIA Ratings, you'll gain valuable knowledge and support to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies in seconds instead of spending hours researching.

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ARIA Ratings

In depth risk evaluation

Incorporates over 35 metrics of analysis instead of only relying on market capitalization

Provides a comprehensive risk profile with a detailed breakdown consummable in seconds saving you precious time on research

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News Aggregator

Aggregates news from over 50 sources, including all major crypto publications

Keeps you updated with the latest news

Ensures informed decision-making

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Data Harbour

Offers extensive market and financial data on crypto performance

Facilitates data-driven decisions

Tracks market trends and movements of different cryptos

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Portfolio Tracker

Keeps track of your investments' performance across multiple supported protfolios

View your protfolio's ratings by ARIA Ratings based on its composition

Visualize your overall and detailed performance with more efficiency

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Portfolio Simulation

Audit your portfolio's risk

Simulate portfolio compositions based on different and/or your preferred risk profile (e.g. Conservative v. Opportunistic)

Based on proprietary statistical model

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Tracks crypto's price performance

Comprehensive toolkit for technical analysis powered by TradingView

Save your charts and analysis for re-use

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Rapidly review potential new investment choices

Learn about different cryptocurrencies

Eliminates all financial and tech jargon from explanation

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FAQs ARIA Ratings

Find answers to common questions about ARIA Ratings to gain a better understanding of our service.

ARIA Ratings is a comprehensive rating system that evaluates the performance, the potential and the risk profile of various cryptocurrencies. Our team of experts have designed a systematic approach to ratings that analyzes market trends, technology and other factors to provide accurate, reliable and daily updated ratings.

To access ARIA Ratings, you can sign up for our platform and gain full access to our ratings reports and analysis. Simply create an account and start exploring the ratings for different cryptocurrencies.

Our ratings are determined throuhg a rigorous evaluation process that takes into account various factors such as market performance, technology, governance, community engagement and adoption, as well as other factors. Our team of experts have carefully designed ARIA Ratings to assess each cryptocurrency in the most accurate and unbiases manner.

Yes, you can trust our ratings. We pride ourself on providing reliable information in a fully transparent process, which is why we will be publishing the full list of metrics incorporated into ARIA Ratings in our product's documentation. All metrics taken into account by ARIA Ratings rely on publicly available information and can be verified by you. Our team of experts conducted extensive reseach and analysis in the development of ARIA Ratings to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our ratings.

The frequency of updates depends on the sbscription tier but at its most frequent, ARIA Ratings are updated daily to reflect the latest market trends and developments. We strive to provide up-to-date information to our users, ensuring that they have access to the most accurate ratings. For more information, check out the Plan Comparison.

ARIA Ratings publishes daily ratings for all cryptocurrencies that have reach 500 million in market capitalization and have been in circulation for at least 3 months. We support investors, not speculators, and therefore our team of experts strive to eliminate the noise of the many new or questionable coins or tokens released each day.

Due to their specific nature, the ratings of stablecoins would require access to private information of the projects in question (e.g. their reserves). ARIA only utilises publicly available and verifyable information and therefore does not include the rating of stablecoins in its scope.

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