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Simulate Portfolios for Different Risk Scenarios

Make better investment decisions for yourself by understanding your risk appetite and profile.

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Evaluate Your Risk Appetite

Our objective at ARIA is to empower our users to make smarter and better investments in crypto for themselves. A key part of this process is understanding your risk appetite so that you may better shape your protfolio in accordance. This is why we've introduced a Portfolio Simiulator tool to our platform, powered by statistical models so that you may run different scenarios according to your selected risk profile and witness the different examples of portfolio types prior to investing.


Does your portfolio match your risk appetite? Find out with our Simulator

Powered by Cutting-Edge Statistical Models

At the core of our support tools for investors is ARIA's Portfolio Simulator which harnesses the power of sophisticated statistical algorithms to analyze cryptocurrency price performance and trends, enabling our users to simulate different portfolio types according to their selected risk profile, with corresponding levels of diversifications depeding on the scenario. It is important to note that each simulated portfolio is one of many that would correspond to the selected profile and therefore not a recommendation.

Customizable Scenarios

Tailor simulatio scenarios to match your investment goals. Test during various market conditions and asset allocations to understand how composition, allocation and level of diversification impact the performance of your portfolio. Save simulations into our Portfolio Tracker to monitor their performance with time without risking any capital.

Audit Your Portfolio

If you have an existing portfolio, see how it compares in composition to the simulated portfolio types at any given moment and over time. Is your asset exposure consistent with your selected profile? Save simulations to see how their performance compares to your portfolio over your preferred timeframes.

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ARIA Ratings

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Portfolio Tracker

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Portfolio Simulation

Audit your portfolio's risk

Simulate portfolio compositions based on different and/or your preferred risk profile (e.g. Conservative v. Opportunistic)

Based on proprietary statistical model

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FAQs Portfolio Simulation

Find answers to common questions about ARIA Ratings to gain a better understanding of our service.

ARIA's Portfolio Simulator is a tool that allows you to simulate the composition of different portfolios depending on their risk profile (e.g. conservative, moderate or opportunistic), allowing you to explore different portfolio types.

The choice is up to you if you feel comfortable but please remember that the simulated portfolio is simply one of many portfolio types that matches the selected risk profile in the scenario you ran and it is by no means meant to be interpreted as financial advice. If you feel comfortable with the composition or you want to experiment with, it is entirely up to you to decide. See more in our Terms of Use.

No, neither the Portfolio Simulator nor ARIA provide any financial advice or suggestions. Our Portfolio Simulator is a tool to assist you in exploring different portfolio constructions and risk profiles by running different scenarios. It is by no means intended to provide any type of investment advice. See more in our Terms of Use.

Yes, absolutely. For each simulation run on any profile, on any given day, you can save it and track its performance over time, without mobilising any real capital. You can monitor your saved simulations in your Portfolio Tracker.

To start exploring different risk scenarios with our Simulator, simply sign up to ARIA today and get access on your preferred plan.

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